Project Brief

Website Requirements:

Functional website offering online booking facility and online chat facility

Brief for the HealthBack website was to create a business website with a number of user friendly website functions besides information on the services rendered.

The overall look and appearance is to be friendly, light and with easy website navigation for the customer looking up information from this supplier.

The website offers the client an online chat facility which allows the client to ask questions and make informed decisions while completely preserving their anonymity and before committing to the booking service.

HealthBack website has to offer a direct link to their online booking facility for client appointments. Very sophisticated,  the booking service is to interact with the website. It has to offer clients the choice from a range of treatment options and the possibility to book a treatment for a particular day and time. The booking is to be forwarded to the treating therapist and confirmed by the therapist if the desired treatment time is available.

The business website offers direct prepayment through a secure PayPal portal and allows for the purchase of vouchers as gifts for family or friends.