Your OnlineID Australia’s Areas of Expertise

Having a business website is a must in our day and age – it is not only your business card that represents your business but it is a door for customers all day and night 24/7.. Admittedly the task seems sometimes daunting.. there is talk of URLs, website hosting and SEO, ‘fiddly’ website scripting, photography and image re-sizing.This is where we come in – we take care of all that. This way we do what is fun to us and you can concentrate on what you know best. Before you know it you have a business on the web – and at that a business arm that pulls its weight!

More About Our Services

We pride ourselves in friendly and professional customer service – customer service even AFTER the product is delivered. This gives you the confidence that you will be looked after even after hand-over. Customer satisfaction is our main priority!

Domain Name or ‘URL’ – We will research availability and secure a search engine friendly and competitive web domain name for your business. Your OnlineID Australia can secure a suitable domain name for your business and register this URL with an accredited registrar. Your web address usually looks something like this:  We will research availability and secure a search engine friendly and competitive web domain name for your business. Your domain name is important because it is your website business address or shop front on the internet. Just like your physical business address your website address is the one your target audience, your customers will go to in order to get information, news or to buy goods from. A carefully selected domain name will prove vital for high search engine rankings. It assists to bring customer traffic to your virtual business location – your website on the internet.

Website hosting – We register the place where your business website resides. It is from here where your business operates 24/7. Your website is made up of a number of pages, attachments, images, videos and other supporting documentation. All this material and all of the information on your website or your internet store needs to reside in a place on the web where it can be accessed by visitors to your site. It needs to be accessible at any time and at all times.Your OnlineID Australia will secure this website hosting space for you. We will ensure that your website hosting will offer maximum features and security. Importantly, you will receive all necessary passwords and information of your website hosting once your website is completed and fully loaded to the web hosting server.

Business website – Your OnlineID Australia will set up with a beautifully designed and fully functional website.
We make the process easy and effortless for you – no worries about the technical background and requirements. We offer you the whole package from registration all the way to seeing your business work on the web. Upon completion we hand you over all access details and passwords. Your website will have an easy to manage administration panel and you will be in full control of your business. Just the way it should be. Everybody is different – some clients wish to have all the control and are confident to maintain and manage their site perfectly well. Other clients do not want to have anything to do with maintenance or updates. In this instance it is nice to know that you can always leave this part to us if you wish to do that. Either way, we are always there to assist with any maintenance or changes and updates of your website going forward.

Website ranking – to optimize your site will ensure that your website will receive high ranking from major search engines. Good ranking results in visibility which in turn brings customer traffic to your website. Now that you are set up with a website that looks professional, is pleasant to the eye and fully functional, the next goal is to create web traffic to your site, your business on the web. The more traffic we can attract, the better the chance that you will convert visitors to customers, the better the sales and the more profitable your web business on the internet. In order to create web traffic to your website, Your OnlineID Australia will optimize pages of your website which means we will prepare and code them in such a way that the major search engines and web directories will give your website enough of importance to rank your pages high. The higher the search engines rank your pages and the better the page rank of your website, the easier your website will be found by web browsing customers and the more likely that these customers will bring you the business.

Website Backup – just imagine the unimaginable: your website gets corrupted or ‘hi-jacked’ with malware and your website database is no longer useful. In most cases this means that your website will show a ‘fatal error’ and is no longer functional. Where to start? Not only did you have customer details on your site, or subscribers to newsletters, but your WHOLE site is down and will need to be re-created. In order to avoid a nightmare like this, we offer regular website backup and maintenance service. For very little money we schedule regular updates of either the database file (SQL dump file) or the entire website as it stands. This means in case of an emergency your customized website with all the points and dots, can be restored in no time and your site is fully functional again. The relief you feel in such a scenario is just undescribable!

Why Choose Us

      • Professional and serviceable at all times – even after the job is done
      • With fresh ideas but always flexible – we follow your wishlist
      • We maintain low overheads – creating best value for money for you
      • We take pride in the work we do – we are only happy when you are
      • We offer ongoing support – we care about your site as much as you do

What Clients Say

I was recommended to Your OnlineID Australia by my graphic designer and have been very happy with the design process and the ongoing support. Gabriela created a professional website very quickly and unlike many designers, she actually paid attention to the content and even provided initial content from my other sites and suggested relevant supporting images. She is very flexible in working to our design budget and is interested in finding efficient ways to maintain and develop the site.  I recommend Your OnlineID Australia!
Lois Nethery, Ocean Acupuncture
Gabriela has done a wonderful job with my Website, and I have received comments of praise often from visitors and clients that our website looks great , well structured , informative and well presented. Thank you so much for all your help.
Anthony Galea, AG Designer Jeweller
Great service. Best thing was that all the technical and informational setup plus hosting of the site was looked after professionally and with great ease! Still working with Your OnlineID Australia to maintain Search Engine rankings (top places on Google/Yahoo/Bing). Well worth it!
David Bradley, GPS Trackers Australia